Friday, November 12, 2010

Martin Sheen on "The Way"

For some time now I have known that this movie was being produced.  Martin Sheen stars in "The Way" directed by his son, Emilio Estevez, and in this clip he talks about the Camino and his Spanish heritage.  The movie's premier was held on November 8 in Santiago de Compostela.  The movie is made along the way, and has a spiritual story, but the pilgrim reality is missing.  Martin does not lose weight (I lost 10 kgs). The pilgrims in the movie stay at the same level of fitness throughout and their clothes are always neat and clean .... oh well it is a Hollywood pilgrimage :)

Do it before you cannot
Americans do not allow themselves time off from work (many figure they are too important) and will not give themselves the month to six weeks leave required to do this journey.  One does not come across many American pilgrims along the way.  Yes, they are there but in far smaller numbers than Europeans, Canadians, Australians, Brazilians, Asians and the multitude of nationalities on the Camino.

If your intention is strong
I firmly believe that you can always find a way to do the journey if you REALLY want to walk it ...... some times you do not have a choice and the Camino pulls you to it.  And for those who say it is alright for you as you are retired ... I was not retired while I was planning my first pilgrimage.  Fortunately, I was laid off work in the July when I had plans to walk the way in September, 2001.

The Camino looks after you
Tanya (London, UK) called and asked if she could visit at the time I planned to walk the Camino.  I put off my walk until the Spring (April 2002).  Being from the New York City area with friends who worked downtown and at the WTC I don't think that I would have wanted to be along the Camino as 9/11 was taking place.  So fortunately with Tanya's planned visit I was home at that time.