Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Internet in Caceres

Many, many thanks to Caroline for updating the Blog for my family and friends. Caroline and I have been Camino Internet friends for ten years and met in London to chat about all things camino. Caroline has walked this way many times and I thank you Caroline for your advice on my upcoming daily walks. Also, thanks for sharing your photos on my Blog so guests can get a view of where I am, a wonderful touch.

I am in Caceres (city)and have the tough section of the Via de le Plata ahead of me. I am walking through the knee pain and have sucessfully treated my only blister with REIKI. Thanks Kees. By this time, 300 kms, on Camino Frances I would be loaded with blisters (perhaps would have eight by now). This time I am using a different technique, boots two sizes bigger, socks one size smaller, and I creme my feet with Flexitol every day. Kees is going back to Alicante for awhile as he has some Fairs to work on and he will rejoin us along the way.

The different way. The VdlP is known as a tough walk with long distances between villages and no water possibilities along the way. Two litres of water is a heavy load to carry. Hence I have lightened my pack considerably by sending along all things not used so far. Also I am using the one on, one off, rule. I pray it does not rain and that I will always have a change of clothes. Andree, take notes ...

The way has been scenic and the wild flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Coming out of Sevilla the smell of orange blossom was very strong. The road has been rocky, sandy, grass, tarmac, mud (yuk, sticks to the boots). Many up hill and down dale walks, yes even steep with the steepest climb on the VdlP just ahead.

There are many more storks along VdlP than Camino Frances and for the first time they have been low enough for me to hear the clacking sound they make. There are also many different birds but I keep my eyes on the swallows. For, if the swallows fly low then rain will follow. No snakes, YET. Rabbits, cows, sheep, goats. dogs .... what one would expect to see along the way. Even had one sheep yesterday that was frightened of me and kept running ahead, stopping, looking back and as I would get closer it would run again. But it got stopped by the cattle grid, looked at me and bolted past bleating as it went.

Of course the food has been great and the best coffee. However, this comes at a price as in all Bars there is always a television, sometimes three on different channels. I have seen enough bull fighting to last me a year. It has been explained that the Spanish men come to the Bars to watch the soccer or the bull fighting because of the giant screen televisions .... I guess it is the Spanish equivalent of a USA Sports Bar.

Semana Santa (Easter) preparations in Sevilla were beautiful but we were out of town before the processions began. The Bar televisions were always tuned to the procession station so yes, I saw them. The Roman ruins in Italica and Merida were spectacular.

I want to close here as I do not have much more time and I want to read your comments. Thank you for following me along the way. All goes well ....

I thank you for your comments and for the SMS messages and telephone calls. My buddy Rolf is doing well and it was wonderful to hear him and Christina last week. Roland is gearing up to meet us and it will be wonderful to see him again, thanks for the Easter cal Roland. Dawnie has called, and I have needed the services of Nurse Katie, thanks K8.

Please excuse unedited Blog


  1. Hi Luiza! Congratulations & best wishes for the next stretch. Yes, I am taking notes and weighing the oddest things on my kitchen scales as I break in my walking boots and experiment with my new backpack. Less is more, I get it. At least, I think I do -- there's bound to be a reality check at some point, even though I'm only taking ONE (very small) camera! Love, Andrée

  2. Anonymous8:37 AM CDT

    Good to hear from Luiza! I check everyday, looking for new posting. Will keep it short - miss you, good wishes for continued wonderful trek. Will phone soon to check on you. Things ok here. Lisa says good news about fewer blisters (she has alot of foot problems, so has much empathy). Travel well, take care, and looking forward to next installment! Love, Dawnie

  3. Hey WEEEEZA & Tad..... so happy the blisters are less and the walking more... Miss you so much and look forward to any postings.... wish you were here for the birthday bash at the bay

  4. Hi Andree, The last two days of walking really hurt my knees so I came ahead to Salamanca for treatment at a medical clinic. After medical treatment and three days of rest my knees do feel better. I will be walking from Salamanca to Astorga where we meet. It will be great to see you again and I hope you are looking forward to this wonderful experience.

    Tons of love,

  5. Hi Dawnie and Lisa, first chance at Internet just where Caroline told me it would be. I had some problems and I am in Salamanca. I will post a Blog after responding to comments. No blisters is bliss, bad knees are a pain and to use Roland´s words, ¨bloody knees¨. I guess with each camino and at my age comes different problems. Love to you both. Luiza

  6. Hi Katie, I wish that I was there for the birthday bash and now for Karen. Garry called and Karen has been taken to hospital with a collapsed lung and will be under observation for 24 hours. This is when Spain is a long way from home. I will be walking better when I walk out of Salamanca and just hope the warm weather arrives. The young lass, Carolina, who was on the bus with me from Canaveral has your knee problem (same knee and surgery also) and feels that she may have damaged her archilles. It is a long way from Seville and problems start. Thanks for good wishes. Weeeza/Tad