Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting ready....

This has been a week of doubt and now hope. The Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland, volcano blew its top after 200 years. This eruption has created havoc for airline passengers around the globe. Today airplanes are flying over Europe once again. This gives us hope that we might arrive in Istanbul in time for the cruise on April 28. Tomorrow I will charge the batteries on my cameras and iPod then make a list of essentials needed for the next month.

I am not sure about Blogging from the cruise but I will create the pages and submit them when I can, even if this is after we return.


  1. Hello Luiza,
    When you get back from your cruise you'll probably want to go back to Turkey for more so you can start planning to walk the St Paul's Traul in Turkey.
    Buen camino!!

  2. Thank you Sil. I checked the web site for St Paul's Trail in Turkey and it looks a very interesting way. Maybe it will be something I could think about for 2011.