Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Knee problem? What knee problem?

It is three weeks today since surgery and it is hard to remember that I once had pain in the right knee. I am walking well without using a stick and this is with Jeannette's (physio-torturer, actually physiotherapist) permission. Jeannette told me, "you will know when it is time to stop using the stick" and from the Camino I know that a stick is like an umbrella and you will leave it behind. I am grateful for the medical folks who worked on making this possible for me. From Dr Thomas Parr and his staff to the Foundation Surgical Hospital staff, they all made this an easy process. Being able to have in-home physiotherapy was a blessing that I was not expecting. I had been worried about how I would get to the hospital for therapy. Thanks to Jeannette and her visits I am walking pain free.


Realizing that my readers are not all based in the USA I will add that this procedure came first from Britain. In England it is known as the Oxford Knee: http://www.oxfordpartialknee.net/patients

If you have a painful knee(s) I can only encourage you to make an appointment with a MAKOplasty® surgeon and inquire immediately about your options. This surgery benefits those who are fit and able to recover quickly. The quality of your life will be enhanced 100%.

I think the reporting on the knee can finish and I will return to the subject when it is time for the left knee surgery.

I can now walk other Camino's but in future it will be without blisters and painful knees .... this will be heaven.


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