Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The weeks between

Since my last entry much has happened in the world and some of it is depressing.

The earthquake and tsunami in Japan left me in a funk.  With two geophysicists in the family I am well aware that this was a disaster waiting to happen but this does not make it easier to understand.  The loss of life is horrendous and the damage to the villages along the coast was hard to watch.  My heart goes out to the people of Japan and they are always in my thoughts.  I visited Japan only for an overnight stop on my journey to Australia a decade ago.  I liked what I saw and would love to return.

Libya is also in the daily news and one can only feel sorry for the people of Libya.  May they find peace soon.

So now I am about to leave on my Italian vacation.  I will meet my good friend Andrée in Roma on Friday.  Since I have been to Italy as recently as last year I have left Andrée with the delights of planning the trip.  So if I can Blog along the way I will let you know where we go ......

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