Sunday, October 09, 2011

40 mile loop

We visit Dante's Peak before taking the West Side Road to get close to the salt flats (the park ranger told us this was the best place to see salt pans).
The salt flats from Dante's Peak.
Dried out this becomes tumbleweed. When blown by the wind into your car it can cause damage and if it hits you, wow it would hurt.
The salt flats from Dante's Peak.
Dante's Peak gives beautiful views of the salt flats.

Garry went over to check out the Eagle Borax Mine.  On our way to this mine a red-tail eagle flew low in front of our car, it was beautiful to see.
A coyote was wandering aimlessly at the side of the road.  It was very hot.  What is he looking for?  Roadkill?

Me, at the Badwater Basin salt pans.  It was hot, extremely hot, being 282 feet below sea level (the lowest point in North America) the temperature rises.  At Dante's Peak, about 2,500m above sea level, it had been cool to cold.  The salt was tough and crunchy to walk over but not as bad as some of the new camino paths.
 The Desert Holly is a delicate color.
At Artists Palette the rock colors are amazing, white, peach, red, green, gray, black and more.  It is all very beautiful ... desolate, badlands, sure but beautiful in its own way.

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