Thursday, June 10, 2010

On my way ......

I usually walk one day in France before heading over the Pyrénées but this year I will be walking from Toulouse, France to the border with Spain at Col du Somport. I am wishing Andrée or Kees were with me so I could rely on their French language skills (and friendship) but that is not the case. I keep telling myself that I have always experienced super friendly French people in the south west of France so it should be okay.

I am off to France today. My backpack is ready by the front door and I have a few small chores to do before closing the door and leaving for the airport. Farewell greetings have been said in person or on the telephone, read on text or email, and I thank you all for your greetings.

I will try to Blog but as this is an unknown route to me I have no idea of the availability of computers/Internet.

Farewell for now, I return on July 31.

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