Sunday, June 13, 2010

Templar crosses, Black Madonna and more ...

Walking around Toulouse I have spotted many Camino arrows in the traditional finger pointing style. I find myself many times on the Camino.

The Capitolium square was alive and hopping last night with folk dancers, spiritualists, and more. There was one guy softly playing a didjeridoo along a man's body, what that does I do not know, I wonder what the Australian Aborigine would think. Folks carry sofa's to the square and set-up therapy or massage 'rooms', healing drums, book clubs and more .... it was all interesting to see. A man came down a tightrope from the roof of the Capitolium and the way he was suspended made him look like he was riding a magic carpet to the plaza. Cars were driving around the square with horns blasting, soccer! Algeria had won. Tonight is Germany vs. Australia and of course I will cheer on the Aussies. I saw the USA goal on television and although the commentary was in French I managed to note it was a lucky goal (maybe I have it wrong). From here on until the World Cup Final all televisions, in all bars, will be tuned into soccer.

It was a long twilight. The sun went down after 9:45 and the lights of the square came on. It was very pretty sitting at the outdoor cafe. I did not think about having to avoid "Manhattan Flowers" (dog poop) until I was walking back to the hotel. When we first moved to New York in 1978 our Lamont friends told us about the Manhattan Flowers on the sidewalks. Manhattan cleaned up its act over twenty-five years ago but here in France the dog is king and can still poop wherever he wants and the French owner does not use a pooper-scooper. Take care when walking in France.

SUNDAY, June 13, 2010

My guidebook mentions taking a bus or train out of Toulouse to Pibrac or Colmeirs so I went looking for the train station (SCNF) first this morning. I have a timetable and will decide what to do later tonight when I am working on the route for tomorrow.

I stopped by the Cathédrale Saint Etienne for a cachet-tampon then went to Église ND de la Dalbade (as per Rosslyn book) which is quite beautiful in a subtle subdued way. Église ND de la Dalbade is simply adorned with a gold Templar cross on each pillar.

The Église ND de la Daurade has the most magnificent Black Madonna dressed with the traditional triangular skirt. The skirt and all things around her are porcelain.  At certain times of the year (for instance lent) her dress is covered with fabric. The Église ND de la Daurade is ornate and gilded and is quite different to Église ND de la Dalbade which is simple.

On the way back to the Capitole for lunch I stopped in at the Convent et Église Les Jacobins and although it is in the simple style it has magnificent arches with the spans atop the pillars looking like palm trees, they are a work of art. The grave of Saint Thomas d'Aquin is alone in the center of the church. Saint Thomas d'Aquin, Doctor of the Church, was a theologian and philospher. During the French Revolution the shrine was destroyed and his body removed to Saint Sernin in 1791, from where it was solemly moved back to Jacobins in 1974. If you are along the Via Tolosana or visiting Toulouse do not miss these three beautiful churches.


  1. That goal - yes, very lucky indeed..!

    I remember that Black Madonna - beautiful...

  2. Ola Luiza,

    I hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday in the home city of your ancestors. All is well here although Tuppy was very pushy for his breakfast and then barked it all up anyway :(

    Yesterday with Lisa at the pool was very enjoyable - an excellent day for the pool with no pop-up showers. The BBQ went well - the rib-eyes were on special at Central Market and so costs were capped. We had berries and honey yogurt for dessert.

    I started on the shower recesses yesterday with new tile grout and today I will seal them. I have a haircut appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

    Happy to hear that you have your camino documents and so you are ready to start. I am happy that southern French folk are treating you well . . . that is a good start to the camino.

    I have a busy week at Greenspoint this coming week with 8:00am starts everyday :(

    Love you and happy walking. I tried commenting on your blog but could not log in so I had to be anonymous - sorry
    Hugs and kisses my dear,

  3. Hello WEEEEEEZER..... just got caught up on your blog as we were in San Antonio/Pipe Creek for Folklife....survived and did a pretty good performance and of course had a wunnerful time with Joe and Chris O they both send their love and best wishes for your walk as do Chris and I....starting to pack we leave Thurs....& this wt limit thing has me stymied...but will get it together....need to try to set up a blog ourselves for our journies if so will let you know WHAT it's called....happy walking....
    KTk8 and CB

  4. We have crawled out of the cave and created our own blog space for this trip....check it out if you can...


  5. Anonymous7:50 AM CDT

    Anxiously awaiting another update. Hope all is going well and the weather is good.
    I tried to check Katie's blog out, but nothing came up associated with her....lots of other stuff, but not related. Maybe she will give the exact entry so we can follow her also.
    Hello and hugs to Kees....hope he is doing well and enjoying the summer. Things a bit slow at shop, but trying to hang in there. Danny is improving with physical therapy and is going to work on desk duty only. It is very hot here! Good walking and may the Saint bless your journey.

  6. Hey Dawnie....the blog name is DancinginDenmark&MO

    I'm not real good at it yet.....but it's on this same sight.... hope you can find it we leave ha!!! Glad to hear that Danny is getting better..... and sending good vibes for your SHOP.... I love your shop

  7. Dearest, it is a few days later now, but we heard about the very bad weather in France. I hope that did't catch you and your fellow pilgrims. Hé, and I am not around as a personal dresser to drape the raincape nicely over you and your backpack..... Hope the weather is improving and that the paths are not to bad and slippery. You know, I am walking with you. Besos y abrazos para todos.
    Hi Dawn, after I wrote my first comment I was thinking that this could be a nice way to say Hi to you as well. And now I read yours.... Hello to you as well, hope you are fine. We keep following our Dearest don't we. Big hug for you and Danny!


  8. Thank you, thank you all .... I am smiling after having read these comments. The rain in France is long forgotten and now it is the heat in Spain. I have seen many melting pilgrims here in Puente la Reina today. I have been standing a long time, I am using the hotel computer at reception and there is no chair. Thanks again, Luiza