Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All fixed!

I want to apologize to my followers that I have not posted the photographs from last June/July into the daily journal on the Blog.  These photos of Via Tolosana, Camino Aragonés, S.D. de Silos, Burgos, Madrid, Santiago, and VF del Bierzo (where I was a hospitalera) are available to view on my website.  I thought that I would post the photographs into the Blog during my recovery but that did not happen.  I found that the drugs put me to sleep. I will get to updating the Blog, I promise.

Meanwhile the photographs can be seen on my new website for camino photos: http://web.me.com/lkarner/Part_2/Welcome.html

Three days shy of a month (surgery was December 28, 2010) I am well along the road to recovery. Yesterday I went for my second post surgery check-up with Doctor Parr. He has now cleared me for normal activities, although advising me to take it easy. I do not return to his offices until late July when I go for a check-up before walking the Camino in August.

I am looking forward to the days of little or no pain. I am there in my right knee but the left knee is still healing and has a low level pain in the surgical area. There was considerable more work done on the left knee because of the kneecap having problems, hence it is taking longer to heal and recover.

On the left is my right knee and on the right, my left knee.

The white spot on the left of my right knee is camera glare.  The work was only on the inner side of the knee, the big square white blob on the femur and the little strip of white on the tibia.  The partial knee and kneecap work was greater on the left knee.  The base on the tibia is also larger than the right knee.  Dr Parr was so happy with the precision of that piece, thanks to the robot.

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