Monday, July 04, 2011


June 29 - July 2
After an uneventful flight (thankfully) we enjoyed two and a half days with Gwen, Dave, Tanya and Sophie in Waltham Abbey, Essex.  Picking Sophie up from school both Thursday and Friday made our little 'granddaughters' day.  For quite some time Sophie has been telling her teacher about our visit followed by Karen, Stephen, and Charlotte's visit next week.  Both Charlotte and Sophie are excited to be seeing each other again ..... they were both toddlers the last time they were together.

On Friday, July 1, we visited the Lea Valley Water Recreation Park which has been created for the London Olympic Games (white water rafting) in 2012.  The Lea Valley park is a well planned area and it was fun watching the rafts go downstream over the rough waters then up the conveyor belt for another run.  Yes, one person came off a raft and had to swim for shore (well really, concrete steps).

Our friends had us at Harwich on time only to find the ship was on a two hour delay.  Yes, M/V Discovery crew had sent both of us an email but I have the data turned off on the BlackBerry and with a very slow internet connection neither of us had bothered to check email. Thank you friends for a lovely visit and we will see you on the 13th.

DENMARK - July 4
The delay for M/V Discovery was caused by the hard work of the crew sanitizing the ship.  There had been a few (maybe more than a few) folks with stomach problems on the previous cruise so the ship was cleansed before we were allowed to board.

Sailing into Copenhagen, Denmark.

After a day at sea we arrived in Copenhagen around lunchtime on July 4.  When I turned the BlackBerry on this morning it pinged many times with text messages arriving.  Garry informed me that a few folks had left messages for me on facebook so I logged in as a courtesy to y'all.  I thank all my family and friends for their text messages, fb, and emails .... and Stephen for the missed calls, sorry son!

In the late 1970's I told Garry the one thing I wanted to see on my world travels was The Little Mermaid, now over thirty years later I have seen her, she is beautiful.  We went on a City Highlights tour of Copenhagen finishing at this statue.
And here she is ..... the Little Mermaid.

Garry made a dinner reservation for the Discovery Yacht Club on July 4.  Each passenger can only dine at the Yacht Club once per cruise to accommodate all passengers wishing to eat there.  At dinner Garry honored my wish and I did not have singing waiters at the table.  It was extra special sailing out of Copenhagen while at dinner as we had excellent views from our table.


  1. Ah....what a lovely birthday dinner and you got to see the mermaid....last year she was in China so we saw her twin in Tivoli.... I had seen her back in the 70's....Glad you had a nice birthday and that your wishes were honored it is so nice to be listened to.... enjoying the writings and can wait for pictures.... I can do delayed gratification... ha ha! Carry on!

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM CDT

    Was the food good at the Yacht Club? You can see what is important to me! Glad you had such a nice birthday (and, I agree, it is nice to be listened singing waiters - I hate that silly business)....Sail peacefully.....

  3. Hi Katie and Dawn,

    Yes, it was good that wishes we honored and we did have a nice dinner. The food was the same as the two other Discovery restaurants but presented differently, more posh! We had steak cooked to perfection, Danny must have been on board.

    Thanks for reading my Blog. I have been BAD this time but the Internet was pathetic, last year was better. They are not set up to be nice to Mac's, pop-up windows and more.

    Bye for now .....