Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The lovely old Tudor building at the heart of Waltham Abbey, Essex where we stayed with our friends.
We visit London for a ride on the London Eye and a walk along the South Embankment.  It was a beautiful London day with mild temperatures and warm with scattered clouds.
First, the 4Dexperience where a seagull flew out from the screen in 3D and in 4D the floor rumbled, rain fell, a boy sprayed water at the viewers from his water-gun and snow fell on us.  Next, although it was a busy day we were quickly moved through the lines into a Pod on the Eye.  This is an amazing experience and scary for some but well worth waiting for. Then after the London Eye we walked along South Embankment watching the street entertainers and followed that with a drink before returning home.  
Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the clock.
Big Ben with the square tower of Westminster Abbey in the background.
Sophie Grace and Teddy were a little scared but able to smile.
Westminster Abbey the Tower, Big Ben ....
Blue Man not playing drums
'Michael Jackson' begging for money!
A little color in London.
Teddy and Sophie Grace help 'Captain Franko' perform.
Sophie Grace has fun on a carousel ride, not scared here.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM CDT

    Oh, how I know about those "typical" days...just about ruined my entire visit in 2009. Guess one just has to resign oneself to "poor" weather when one visits England!

  2. love following the travels....patiently awaiting the pictures.... love words, but LOVE PICTURES even betta.....enjoy......

  3. Yesterday turned into a delightful day and now this morning is drizzly.

    Uploading photos on a slow system is a nightmare. I will add photos as soon as I return home. I did put two photos of Sophie Grace on facebook.