Thursday, May 21, 2009


A short walk
Phew, it was a hot day, 34.5 Deg. C. (98 Deg. F. for the Americans). I left Ponferrada at 08:30am and arrived here in Cacabelos at 14:00 (15.5kms walked). I had many rest breaks in the shady areas. The walk to Cacabelos is beautiful once you get out of the suburban areas of Ponferrada. Passing through many little pueblos some with Bars and some without, I stopped at each and every Bar along the way. A Zumo da Piña (pineapple juice) at one, a Cafe con Leche at another, then back to Zumo.

(Below) A fellow pilgrim having fun at one of our stops ... just resting.

In the race
I had an ah-ha moment as Oprah would say when I realized that on other caminos at this stage I must have still been in the race. On my others caminos I have continued on another 9 kms to Villafranca del Bierzo as one stage, a full day´s walk for me. Today I have stopped in Cacabelos and I have been chilling out at a Bar with a Cacique y Coca Cola, a Spanish Cuba Libre. Not only today´s walk, but in 2002, I walked from Villafranca to O´Cebriero (32kms adjusted for climb) in one long day. In 2007 Roland, Wolf, and I, broke the journey in Vega Valcarce, which is what I will do in two days time.

Giving Back
Tomorrow I walk to Villafranca del Bierzo where hopefully I will stay at Albergue Ave Fenix, a famous old (somewhat hippy) Albergue along the way. Here Jesús Jato offers the pilgrim a real Brazillian experience, food, drinks, and massage (along with Reiki if you want). I have twice had Reiki from Jesús and twice I have walked beautifully to Santiago afterwards, believe as you will. Here, I want to offer my services as a volunteer in one of Jesús Jato´s albergues (there is a network of Brazillian albergues along the way).

Today at a rest break, Uli told me he was having big problems with his knees. Kees had told me that I would know when to offer Reiki, and this was one of the moments. Uli was very happy to receive Reiki, his mother-in-law gives Reiki so he knew what I was offering. I also gave Reiki to an Italian pilgrim along Via dela Plata who 30 minutes after I had finished came back and asked for more.

Roldan .... and Kees
Roland who on the camino in 2002 sometimes called himself Roldan (Spanish for Roland) is getting ready to come to Spain. Kees is on his way to join us and we will walk the last days together into Santiago. It is going to be so wonderful to see these two guys again.

Last Train to Santiago
In 2007 Maureen and Martin (M&M) taught us a song and the five of us walked into Santiago singing this song. Standing on the shell in Plaza do Obradorio we sang the song with the appropriate dance movements. When we finished singing a group of Spanish high school students came up and asked us to sing again so that they could video tape us. Then later, walking through the Cathedral the kids came past us singing the song. It was a cute moment.

M&M know what tune this is sung too ... I just know the tune

Last train to Santiago
Last train to Santiago
If you ... miss ... this one
there will never be another one
Biddy-biddy boom-boom

At 190 kms from Santiago this tune is going through my head, especially since M&M were already a part of my 2007 camino by this stage. BTW, this means it is over 800 kms now from Sevilla as coming through Astorga is longer than going through Orense.

OK, so I have been lucky and had a computer available for three days. I will try my best to get back regularly to the Blog. I have not been able to read email since leaving Alicante, but I will continue to try. Sorry no photo today as there is not a USB port available.

Bye for now,
Love to all,



  1. So good to hear from sorry to hear of Andree's hurt knee I can RELATE to that... has been a bit crazy here counting down and 3 1/2 mo days with kids and then School's out for SUMMER!
    Sending you love, support and GODSPEED and you and TAD complete the JourneY...yes you got it right this time the journey not the race....see you soon!

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM CDT

    "Last train to Santiago"....A journey (not race)to remember always. How special it will be to have Kees and Roland walk with you (especially wonderful for Roland). I did receive your Yahoo email. It came through, no issues or problems. All is ok here. Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures, and wishing that each step be magical and memorable. Love, Dawnie

  3. Hey lady... indeed a journey! .

    One step at a time…
    One moment at a time...
    One blessing at a time…
    completing a vision for His pilgrims.


    Sending love, strength and faith,