Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A special day for all pilgrims ...
To walk over O'Cebreiro is a challenge that pilgrims look forward to and dread at the same time, but most are usually very happy upon reaching the little village of O'Cebreiro.

The day started with light rain, nothing to worry about. On the walk through the small villages I noted many new albergues and Bars, the camino is alive with new places for pilgrims to explore. Just as I got to the bridge where the steep climb starts Garry and his family called, so I got cheerios from them. Then it was time to tackle the climb and along came about thirty Spanish bus pilgrims. We all (pilgrims) know them, they travel with a light daypack while their very heavy backpacks are in the luggage compartment of a bus. This is OK, this is perfectly fine, except that sometimes they try to stay at albergues which is not acceptable. Jesús Jato is excellent at spotting them and does not allow them in his albergue. Some Spanish folks see the camino as a cheap vacation. Photo below.

They soon got sorted out, they had just got off the bus when I photographed them, they found their paces and even I started to pass some of them. Up, and up, and up the way goes. What a thrill to find that each little village along the way now has a Bar. I stopped at each one because now I was wet, it was raining, and a Cola Cao (hot chocolate) warms me up and gives energy.

Passing the 2 kms sign, then there it was, GALICIA. I am back in Galicia.

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM CDT

    Dear Luiza: Very much enjoyed the ring today, and very much enjoyed the blog (as always)....Keep the Reiki up as it very well helps. Thank you. Love, Dawn