Saturday, May 02, 2009


Karen is still in hospital with a collapsed lung that is not inflating. We should know on Monday if she will require surgery. Stephen tells me that Karen is fine but she is uncomfortable and in quite some pain. Hang in there beautiful girl. Mummy must miss her little girl´s birthday party today at Little Gym. Daddy and Vana Pa will be there to make sure that Charlotte has a good party. These parties are so nicely organized that I know our little girl will have fun. Gran sure wishes she was with her.

Walking out tomorrow
We have all decided that tomorrow is the day to walk out of Salamanca. The group arrived at various times on Friday and stayed at the Albergue. I could not stay at the Albergue because I was here four days already. So, I found myself in an expensive hotel because there was not another option, all 2 & 3 star hotels were booked solid. Caroline tells me that the three days of NH Puerta de la Catedral would be her budget for some time on the camino. However, by cancelling one night (tomorrow) it brought the cost down considerably.

I love Salamanca.
Salamanca is reputed to be the best city in Spain and I would agree. The buildings are a lovely golden sandstone (I guess, because you can easily carve your name on the stone blocks and it feels sandy - I did not carve my name). Salamanca is a university town brimming with places to eat and drink. Young people walking everywhere, Pilgrims arriving, and Tourists in groups with their tour guide cluster in the Plaza Mayor. At lunch there was a commotion off to my right, I looked, a group of young men were coming into the Plaza Mayor chanting, with two male brides. It was a Gay Marriage demonstration. Go guys!

With a little, well BIG, tip from Caroline I found the astronauta carved into the portico of the cathedral and I also saw the coelho (rabbit) but Caroline, no frog! One my way home after dinner I will look again for the elusive frog. Oh, and I did find them myself, not because of others.

On the phone

I have spoken with Stephen and will continue to call him until our girl is safe and well. It was great to talk with Charlotte on her birthday who was excited with the gift that she had opened, a catepillar farm. Charlotte loves burretflies and I guess she will breed her own. Although Daddy tells me she is going to have to let them fly away.

Garry called to let me know how things are at home and with Karen, also Charlotte and Katie´s birthday celebrations. Garry leaves for Australia next Friday and will be there three weeks.

I called Gwen for her birthday tomorrow (May 3) and all is well in London. I chatted with Sophie who was not quite sure about having to go into a cavern with a torch (flashlight).

I stopped Andree from going to sleep at 1:00am Australian time but that was okay with her. Andree is getting ready to join me in Astorga in 17/18 days. I am looking forward to experiencing Camino Frances through a newbies eyes. I know Caroline, the way through Ourense would be great, but it was my decision to walk Astorga to Santiago de Compostela thinking that it would be best for Andree a first timer. The Via de la Plata has been busy with albergues almost Completo every night, this has suprised me very much. I was expecting the VdlP to be much quieter.

Well folks, I am off again .... now it will probably be May 20 or thereabouts before I get to a computer again.

It is across the Meseta for me. Byeee


  1. Enjoying the read, and the journey in thought.
    It sounds like this camino has differed from many of your expectations. Having just woken up with a strange dream of the Camino, I wish I was there. Alas not to be this year. The meseta...the best of the camino, half your luck.
    Hang in there,

  2. Hi there! It's been over a month now and seems like you have had some wonderful experiences. I imagine there will be many to follow.

    Praying for physical strength and spiritual guidance.


  3. Keep dreaming Ashley, we know you will return to the camino one day and probably with your boys. Yes Ashley, it is a different experience along the Via de la Plata but very enjoyable. I will post again after reading comments. Thanks for following my journey. Maybe now that I am on Camino Frances once again there will be more Internet available, opportunities for Internet were almost non existant along VdlP.

    Thank you for following my journey.


  4. Hi Melinda,

    The Via de la Plata (VdlP) was a new route for me and my head is spinning from the different experiences. Like a first time pilgrim on Camino Frances (CF) I find it difficult to remember the town names of where I have walked along the VdlP. Various scenes flash through my head and I try to remember where that particular scene was, sometimes it is lost to me. I will need time to contemplate the walk once I return home. I am on the CF now and I know it very well so this problem does not exist here. Thanks for the help with physical strength and spiritual guidance, both needed. :) Thanks for thinking of me and following my journey.