Friday, May 22, 2009

Villafranca del Bierzo

Photo uploaded 26.05.2009

Short walk ... hot day
From Cacabelos to VF del Bierzo it is only a 10 kms walk but with the heat I was happy to be out of the sun before noon. Leaving Cacabelos the way goes up hill for quite away along the road, thankfully there is a soft verge making it better for the feet. Then the way divides with two options. I continue on the road (always) to pass the outdoor sculpture studio. This year I took many photos for my friend (and Blog follower) Edye who is a wonderful scupltor in New York, a true artist. Sorry my artist friends (Edye, Dawn, Katie, and Melinda) but again no USB port for photos.

I checked in at Ave Fenix and then registered to be a volunteer Hospitalero next year. Jesús Jato gave me my Hospitalero pin, so I guess that I am officially a volunteer.

I enjoyed a wonderful Pizza Tropical in Plaza Mayor for lunch washed down with white wine. Tonight I am going to partake of the traditional dinner offered here at this interesting old albergue. The journey continues .... and tomorrow is Vega Valcarce which is at the base before the steep climb up and over O'Cebriero (next day).

Yes, I am on the journey ....


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM CDT

    Dear Luiza: I know you will enjoy the Brazilian feast! Reiki therapy will be needed in Sulphur upon your return, so continue your practice. So now, up, up, and away over the mountain high. God bless, and continue to have a wonderful time. Love, Dawn

  2. A bit of a climb, then not long to the sweet smell of Eucalypts. Go girl.

  3. Dear Luiza,
    I hope the climb hasn't been too hard and you are walking well towards Santiago. Congratulations on deciding to be a volunteer hospitalera next year, that should be quite an experience and this sounds like just the place for it. I'm still limping in body but following along in spirit...
    Happy walking!
    Love, Andrée

  4. Dear Dawn,

    Cristina cooked a great meal, the tastiest ginger salad dressing which was a real treat after oil & vinegar since Sevilla. She followed the salad with Beans & Rice then a small dessert. I am up and over that mountain but more on the Blog. Thanks for the best wishes.


  5. Hi Ashley,

    I am in Sarria and remember meeting you and Steve up near the church in 2007 where I said,"I know why you left Bob-London" and you both just smiled. It is also the place of the infamous evening meal that Maureen left along the Camino the next day :) Maureen swore of wine for some time after that.

    A misty and rainy walk from La Faba to here but now the sun is shining and I am looking forward to that sweet smell of the eucalyptus.

    Thanks for the "Go Girl" it will inspire me to walk better.


  6. Dear Andrée,

    The climb up and over Cebreiro was actually OK because I remember it well, from the two times before. Except that it rained from just after passing La Faba which is the start of the steepest climb but more on Blog.

    Jesús Jato has accepted my application as a Hospitalero for next year and he will contact me when he draws up a roster for 2010. I cannot think of a better Albergue to volunteer in ... it is a famous old Albergue, one of the original four between Astorga and Cebreiro.

    I hope that soon you will also be doing some happy walking. Thank you for the good wishes.