Thursday, September 16, 2010

Allergies .....

I have been kept awake tonight/this morning by itchy skin and anybody who suffers allergies knows what my night has been like.  Is it the anticoagulant-heparin (LOVENOX®) or the painkiller Vicodin (HYDROCO/APAP) that is making me itch?  It is now 0420 and I am having an allergic reaction to one of the drugs, I believe it to be the painkiller because of the timing of the reaction.  However, it is too early to call the doctor so I just sit here and scratch.  :)

I know nothing of the surgery as I was given a happy drug in the pre-operation area.  I remember looking around at all the robotic equipment that was protected with blue sheeting when I was wheeled into the operating room.  I saw a syringe coming towards me and the next thing I was in the PACU and the two hour surgery was over.

On the 1-10 scale with 10 being unbearable pain my pain at rest is 1-2, but after walking, or rehab, the pain is intense at about an 8.  The 1-2 pain level is the surgical site and not the interior arthritis, I believe that has been all scraped away. Let me tell you that my pain was always with me prior to surgery so for me to have no pain at rest tells me this has been successful.  Partial knee surgery is less restrictive and I can drive immediately except that the painkilling drugs come with the warning not to drive or drink alcohol.

Dr Parr came to see me yesterday and said he hopes to hear that I have walked 1,000 kms next year.  Thanks to Dr Parr I should be able to walk pain free next year.


  1. So far - a great result! And what a thing to look forward to next year! Best, SW

  2. Thanks SW. I am already dreaming of next year!

    Turns out I am allergic to the pain medication so I am trying another now. Without meds the pain is intense.