Saturday, September 18, 2010

On the mend

There it is, my right knee all fixed.  Now to get better.  I am feeling great this morning and have been walking around the house without my stick.  So much so that I thought that I should call Jeannette, my Physiotherapist, and ask if I am allowed to walk.  I had to leave a message but I know she will return the call.  The wounds top and bottom are where the alignment supports for the robot were placed.

Jeannette returned my call and her advice is to walk as much as you can without overdoing it but please use the stick.  

Halfway ready for the next camino.


  1. Just do what your body and knee tell you to do, Luiza. Keep exercising - but don't overdo it! Looks a neat job.

  2. Yes I know the trick is to listen to the body and take the recovery slowly so that all goes well. My vanity runs at zero, I am thrilled to know that the pain will be gone. The way I see this is that I may have a 6" scar but I do not have pain.