Saturday, September 04, 2010

OUCH, OUCh, OUch, Ouch ouch .....

From today I am not permitted to take painkiller drugs or rub my beloved Voltaren gel on my knees. I can feel the pain escalating as I walk around and know that by September 14 I will be asking for an amputation let alone partial knee surgery.

This Tuesday I have a pre-op exam with my Internist for blood work and a chest x-ray to hopefully be given the all clear for surgery.

On Thursday I have the CAT scan for the MAKOplasty® robotic surgery. This is really facing my fears as I do not like enclosed spaces. I have been told it is the MRI that is not for folks with claustrophobia and that the CAT scan is like a large doughnut, we will see.


  1. Oh, dear, OUCH indeed! But good that things are moving ahead so fast - won't it be wonderful when you don't need those painkillers any more! Meanwhile, bon courage as they say in France.

    I can't quite imagine the CAT scan doughnut, by the way. The MRI I had last year was just a white tunnel with strange, loud noises, a very science fiction experience.

    love & best wishes,

  2. One of the bonuses from having this surgery will be no more painkillers required. Kees is always on my case (no pun intended) about taking that s&%*. I couldn't imagine the doughnut description either until I Googled it. Some scanners look like a doughnut on its side and are very narrow, not the long skinny tunnel of an MRI. I write this quietly so Kees can't hear it, I was thinking of asking for a Valium :)

    Love always

  3. Ágnes Vojta1:24 PM CDT

    Hola, Dear Luiza, I am Ágnes. I am sorry for you because your knees are so ill! I have not been in CAT, so I don't know the feeling inside, but I was in MRI. I have a little claustrophobia too, so when I was in the MRI machine, I closed my eyes before I was taken in, and didn't open them , while I was in. Luiza, I don't know, you know, that the knee pains or other problems with the knees /I have a little problem with it too/ are connected with humble. Try to think about it, if you want...I studied brain-control,and I think that you should use your fantasy, and think of healing your knees, what your fantasy wants.For example many-many little doctors are going in your knees on a little hole, and heal your knees . You have to think about it many times when you are relaxing, and you can think of very extrem things for it too. I believe very much, that it can be really helpful. I will think of your healing and I try to help you with mental energy, if you want. I hope that we will meet on the camino! With love: Ágnes

  4. Oh my gosh (OMG) it is Ágnes. Thank you for all your suggestions and the offer of energy, happily accepted thanks. I will have my eyes closed if the CT scanner is a tunnel like an MRI.

    So how did your camino to Finisterre go? I missed you at Ave Fenix as soon as you went out of sight. You can send private email.