Thursday, September 09, 2010

A doughnut but no caffeine

The doughnut - CT Scanner
I faced my fears knowing that having this scan is necessary for the MAKOplasty® surgery.  However, I should not have worried as the scanner is a doughnut (see photo) and was not a noisy claustrophobic barrel like an MRI.  The scan for the knees is feet first so my head never entered the hole.  It was a smooth ride back and forward while my right knee was scanned.  All is now ready for the robot which will be used for the surgery on Tuesday.  I said a cheerful farewell to the technician and .... I will see you soon for the left knee.   Suddenly I was very brave.

No caffeine (not even decaf)
I had a pre-op exam on Tuesday with my Internist.  There was a blip on the EKG, there is always a blip on my EKG, and there has been for thirty years.  You need to see a cardiologist, I protested, but no she told me, you must as no surgeon wants a surprise on the operating table.  So OK off to a cardiologist.

Yesterday I saw the cardiologist and had an ultrasound of the heart and tomorrow I have a Stress Test.  I hate having Stress Tests to be told that basically nothing is wrong with my heart - your heart just misses a beat now and then.  Well that's me, I can never stick to the beat, one reason why I don't dance.  Hence, I am now on twenty-fours no caffeine, well okay then that doesn't matter because I drink decaf.

Oops, read a little further, NO DECAF.

The next 24 hours sucks.


  1. Just catching up after being away for a month. Good luck with all this, Luiza... My thoughts are with you!

  2. I have been following you on your (one day) camping walk and agree with your decision to go with B&B's. Thank you for the well wishes, they are much appreciated.

  3. I am soooooo sorry that you are in pain, and continuous pain at that. I do hope all will be well today with the stress test and the knee operations can start - sooner the better.

  4. Thank you Garry I hope so as well.