Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's the day

The first step to being able to walk a camino free of knee pain.

I have two hours before leaving for the hospital.  I am of course on Nil By Mouth since midnight and I have to bathe in Hibiclens antibacterial soap this morning (something I have never had to do before).

I have received a telephone call from Stephen, SMS, email and fb messages from my friends and an eCard from Garry.  I thank everybody for helping me feel loved and holding my hand through all this.


I will be at Foundation Surgical Hospital which is less than a mile from our home and a first class facility with world class doctors.   I am going to be well looked after, of this I am certain.

Today our good friend Rebecca McVeigh is having surgery on her left breast.  Rebecca is having a tough time since having her breast cancer surgery so please put her in your thoughts and prayers as well.


  1. Hi Luiza,

    I think I mentally passed the baton as we were driving home from the hospital around 10:15, Eastern Time. I have been so well trained that I hauled out the Hibiclens from the cabinet a few days ago! Dries out your skin a bit, but hopefully this is your first (and last) need for it.

    Thinking of you with love,

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for passing the baton as I was getting ready to leave for the hospital (less than one mile from home). My two hour surgery was the longest for Dr Parr Tuesday so I was scheduled last. Apparently the computerization makes the surgery longer but precise.

    No, I will need Hibiclens again when he does the left knee at the end of the year. Yes, I need both knees done but Dr Parr believes in doing one knee at a time.

    And I am thinking of you with love my dear friend. I read Getting Even and will post there later.