Sunday, August 28, 2011

A busy Sunday

Today was the unofficial opening day of the galleria.  For those who do not know, in Europe many businesses and shops are closed for the month of August, it is vacation month.  So before what should be the official opening of the galleria Kees and Vicente opened today to test the waters.  Many people passed through looking at the art work and antiques and placed pieces on hold for pick-up next week.  It was a very successful day.  It was tiring with the early start, the walk to and fro, and the longer hours today.  The alarm system would not work and needed to be checked by the alarm company so we sat around while they tried unsuccessfully to fix the problem.  We did not finish our lunch till five o´clock and now it is a late siesta time.  I am not resting because after yesterdays long siesta I did not get to sleep until about 0230 this morning.

The Metro
Kees met me at the airport on Thursday morning and we came into Madrid by Metro.  The system is fast and clean for those pilgrims wishing to use it.  However, to get where we needed to be took three changes so I am happy that Kees has told me that he will go with me on Tuesday for my flight to Santiago.

The Terrace
Instead of a penthouse this apartment building has a community terrace which was not used by the folks.  Kees is Dutch and is used to being able to walk in a garden or see the sun through the windows of his home in the Netherlands.  In this inner city apartment block the sun is hidden behind other tall buildings.  So as a surprise to Vicente for his birthday Kees cleaned up the terrace, placed potted plants around the area and bought in outdor furniture.  Now the terrace is a nice space for relaxing and watching the evening sunset.  Each night we have gone up there with our books and sit for an hour or so, it is delightful.
The view from the terrace - looking south
I love the tiled roofing
Each night we have watched a Siamese cat walk/run along the roofs across the street.  It goes out of sight then about a half later returns followed by a black cat.  They chase each other and are playful to watch.


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM CDT

    Oh, how much fun you are having. I would love to sit on the rooftop and enjoy the views (and the kitty cats)....Nice, nice, nice. And the gallery was a success! Hope you continue to enjoy every minute....taking siestas - what a luxury! Good travels, my friend. Kisses for Kees and best wishes to Vicente.

  2. Kees and I have told Vicente so many times how much you and he would enjoy being together talking art, framing and art restoration. The two of you would be inseperable, we can see it ..... so, I must bring you with me next year to Madrid or they must visit the south.

    Tomorrow Santiago, but first a day at Museo Reina Sofia.

  3. Anonymous8:15 AM CDT

    OOOOOOhhhh.....I do so want to go with you! I keep of these days! So many beautiful things to see. And, wonderful days ahead for you, traveling east...a first! "Firsts" are always exciting and full of expectations. May all be wonderful and pleasant, may the "glitches" be minor, and may your experiences be joyful.