Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One sleep ......

Well, it is down to one sleep and then I leave Houston, Texas for Madrid, Spain.  I look at the previous sentence and tell myself that it should match .... city name, country .... and then I smiled and thought, well dang, ain't Texas a country?

I spent the early part of the morning with my backpack, it is ready but at 10 kilos (22 pounds) a little too heavy.  I would like it lighter, it should be 10% of body weight.  Tomorrow morning I will use my time working out what I can do without, surely there is something that can be left behind.

Our neighbor (Bill) came over this morning with three sticks and asked if I would like to select one, or not.  Mind you, my collapsible stick was already packed but to be gifted with a stick is pretty special.  My new stick (not being collapsible) will need to be checked separately.  Here's hoping it arrives in Madrid and will be at the Odd Size Luggage area waiting for me to find it. Dawnie always calls to wish me well and did so this afternoon.  Karen, Stephen, and Charlotte never fail to call and wished me Bon Voyage.  Katie sent a text and friends Kees, Andrée, Con, Bev, Kay, and Tan sent emails.  This afternoon Carol and Nancy came for a swim and to say farewell.  It was certainly hot enough at over 100 F. (37 C.) for the twenty-third consecutive day and thirty-fourth 100+ day since June.  The weather report was just shown and the temperature will remain at 100+ for the next seven days.  Lucky me! Garry and I went for a seafood dinner at Pappadeaux (Cajun restaurant) which as usual was great. It is comforting to have our friend Melinda looking after our home and cats while we are both traveling. thanks Mel.

I will spend five days in Madrid with Kees and Vicente before heading to Santiago de Compostela to start Walking Home.

Thank you all for the good wishes for another walk along the way.

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