Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A lighter pack

Culling the backpack

It goes against my nature not taking all that I think I need but heck, I will be in Spain, they have pharmacies and supermarkets. When you carry everything on your back tough decisions must be made. I halved the shampoo, conditioner and vitamin count, took out the 4th pair of socks, one top, the extra pair of sunglasses (in case I lose the pair I wear), two packets of Fishermens Friends and one of gum and a few other little things ..... now the pack weighs 8.4 kilos, much better. 

On my way in two hours ..... it is a long journey as the Madrid flights starts in Houston but stops in Newark.  Since I think the plane is the same for both flights my new stick should be in Madrid waiting for me.


  1. ok will try again to comment hope it works this time....did the new "stick" make it??? Trusting you are in Madrid among friends....hellos all around.... we had 3/4 of an inch of rain and clouds all day which dipped the temps into the 70's burr....did you take Tadmina with you this time? Enjoy and walk well on your new improved knees....they are ready!!!

  2. am having a difficult time posting for some reason...maybe it is the borrowed computer... hope to get ours replaced soon....I am thinking of you and hope that I will be able to comment!

  3. Hi Katie, I see that two comments have posted so you must have worked out how to post. You need a Login to one of the accepted sites, once logged in you can post comments. No, unfortunately the new stick did not make it. I am sad for this as it was a gift from our nrighbor Bill.

    After shopping this morning I now have a new green collapsible stick (matches my pack). Yes, I have Tadmina with me and the angel. Houston could do with even that small amount of of rain and I am sure everybody is enjoying a cooler day. Yes, my knees are ready and the proof was following Kees around this morning at half pace for him and a run for me.

    Kees says hi to all his friends in Houston.

  4. thanks for the reply and info re: Tad and angel.
    sunny and supposed to get really warm today...
    awaiting the cabinet and shelves...then when the silicone dries it's time for a SHOWER in the new improved bathroom....