Friday, August 26, 2011

Madrid, Spain

I know there is an interest from Katie´s question in the comments section.  The answer is no.  Unfortunately the stick did not make it to Madrid. I did have an aircraft hardware change at Newark Liberty and as I thought could happen, must have, and the stick is waiting elsewhere.  It may show up one day as I had the Madrid address on a tag. 

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Getting onto European time
Before walking a Camino I like to arrive in Europe a few days early to allow my system to adjust to the time change.  What better way to do this than spending time with friends.  I am in Madrid with Kees, Vicente, and Laura.  For those who do not know, I met Kees in 2007 on his first day walking El Camino de Santiago when we were at the Mirador between Hunto and Orrisson in the Pyrenees.  We helped each other put our ponchos on as it started to rain.  Kees walked on but ten minutes later I stopped at the bar/cafe in Orrisson to have a coffee and escape the rain and he was sitting at the only table with space for me.  We sat and talked for the longest time starting a friendship that would continue to bloom over the next 700 kms to Santiago.  We are now friends for life.  Vicente is his life partner and Laura their housekeeper.

...... and the survey says
This morning we went to the Rastros, the antiques area in Madrid, so that I could see their new Galleria (Art/Antique Gallery) that they hope to open by September 1st. There is a minor survey issue preventing them opening the Galleria as a business which has the building sitting 50cm onto the pavement.  So the problem is, the computer says no!  The building is 100 years old and the older survey papers have the building placed within the zoning.  The galleria La Vidriera de Verona has been beautifully renovated and their paintings and antiques are spectacular.

 The temporary shop sign
The offending corner.
 Kees y Vicente
Afterwards we went shopping along a street where each shop is a hiking/sporting goods shop.  At the first shop I found a fleece and walking stick.  Then to the Farmacia for foot cream and another toothpaste.  I am now ready to start Walking Home next week.

I am so happy to have the chance to place photographs before walking as I can see I need some camera adjustments for focusing.

Till next time .....


  1. Anonymous8:37 AM CDT

    Luiza, happy you arrived safely..sorry about your new walking stick. It will arrive. Have a great visit - hola to all - I am sure the gallery will work out...takes time with government! Excited to read you posts. Love, Dawnie

  2. Thanks Dawnie,

    I could not take the chance on not having a stick as I have always used one, so Kees took me shopping today and I found a feather light, pretty green, easily collapsible stick. It is better than my old stick (sorry Garry, who will take my old stick with him to Switzerland next week).

    Yes working with the government takes time. Vicente spends quite some time on the telephone trying to sort out this silly mess. Yesterday he went to an office (as requested) only to be told the relevant government department had moved three months ago. It is one of those cases where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

    .... the computer says no .... is from the BBC comedy show Little Britain.

  3. Let's see how commenting goes today.... Ahhh... the shop looks very nice... I remember trying to work with the Belgian gov't and it NEVER working I am sending them prayers... So sad about the new walking stick from here but remember Mamma Dotty always said nothing is lost in the Universe so it will show up for you or maybe someone else that needs it more. So enjoy the posts and love the pictures! Enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and FUN that Madrid offers.... hugs... ( this is try # 6)