Saturday, March 14, 2009

Caminos de Europa - CSJ map

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Confraternity of Saint James (UK)

The 1,000 kilometer Via de la Plata (VdlP) to Santiago de Compostela begins  in Seville, Spain.  A pilgrim can chose to go west after Zamora through Ourense or continue to Astorga where the VdlP T's with the Camino Francés.  Astorga-SdC along Camino Francés is the route we are taking after meeting Andrée on May 20.


  1. Luiza,

    Watch out for the big stream on the path on your first day. It's about 2 feet deep and muddy so I would recommend putting on some sandals as there is no way to know what stuff is lying in the mud. There is a concrete thing a few yards on the left just after the stream and I often sit there letting my feet and legs dry.

    Just before you reach Almaden on the second day, there is a steep climb over a ridge. Take your time with that as the views when you reach the top are stunning. You can see all the way back through the El Berrocal park you have just walked through.

    The way to El Real De La Jara is mostly on the road now. I found it a little sore on the feet the first time, so it might be a good idea to stop often and take your boots and socks off. There are plenty of little grassy places by the road to stop. Don't forget to stay at No 70 Calle Real run my Maribel. It's 10 Euros per night.

  2. Thank you Caroline,

    Have my Teva's in the pack. :) The water will be cold at this time of the year, brrr. And here I was thinking the VdlP is flat .... thanks for the warning. I will try to remember Maribel's. I will put a note in my guidebook.