Thursday, March 26, 2009

I have my stone .....

Talking with Dawn last week she reminded me about carrying a stone.  I have a stone from our garden for leaving at Cruz de Ferro (above) which is something pilgrims have done for centuries.  In 2001, Benny and Bonita picked up a stone at the Grand Canyon and gave it to me for the camino.  I put all my sorrows into that stone as I thought it was the only stone I would leave along the camino.  It was forgiveness I needed in 2007 and that was the energy I put into my stone.  I wanted folks to forgive me, and I forgave them.  This year I go with Brian L. Weiss' book in mind, Only Love is Real.  So Andrée, read about the carrying of a stone and if you wish, pick up a stone to carry along the way to leave at Cruz de Ferro.  As you are starting in Astorga you will only have to carry your stone for two days, lucky duck!

3, 2, 1 .........



  1. Leave a stone??? Leave a stone... oh my my I am a collector of stones...and friends....and dances....and FROGS....and shells....and

  2. Leaving a stone/pebble at Cruz de Ferro is a time honored tradition. I left my worries here each time I passed. No sorrows this year, I am fortunate!