Saturday, March 28, 2009

Next stop Alicante, Spain

My backpack is ready, all work is complete and I am ready to leave Houston.  In twenty-four hours I will be in Alicante with Kees.

More late hopefully ......


  1. Hello hello and welcome to Spain... Chris and I were a bit dumbfolded as to what to do on a Sunday night without you and Garry....we pulled thru....wishing you a wonderful journey
    hugs to Kees and Andree'....

  2. ....waiting to read that you made it safe and sound......

  3. Anonymous9:24 AM CDT

    Hoping you are safe and sound with Kees, enjoying your visit with him. Sending love to him from Louisiana. Missed you at Celtic Festival. We did fairly well. You will begin your journey tomorrow. I am hoping for magical times and wonderful experiences for you. I will be checking in here often.

  4. She has started a day early and is on her way to Santiponce and Guillena.

    She says to leave any messages on her email account.

    Luiza says that the hotel part of Antheatro Romano is still closed, although the restaurant still does a good trade.

    Caroline (on behalf of Luiza).