Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun with family and friends ...

For my birthday Dawn presented gave me the yellow arrow pendant above.  It was made by a local artist and can be attached to my pack. The next photograph shows the tadpole from Katie representing the metamorphism that can take place when walking a camino.  Melinda sent the heart with the word DREAM to remind me of the Shake Russell song, Dream Big. Charlotte made her Gran the sparkly heart, this little girl is the light of my life. I will carry these items with me along the way.

Oops, my pack is heavy it weighs 10.2 kilos without water. My hat will be on my head, the fleece could be on my back, and the stick will be in my hand .... all weight out of the pack. Dream Big!

Farewell's continued..... when Rochelle and I relaxed at the New York Diner sharing 'girl time'.  Katie and I cooked an encore Paella and Coeur à la Crème for family and friends, Elise and Dale.  Wednesday night, Katie and I were having a girls night out at Mama Ninfa's Mexican restaurant then Chris and Garry decided to join us.  Thursday night, my little family enjoyed a lobster fest at Red Lobster for a final farewell.  Tonight, we (Katie, Chris, Garry, and me) had dinner at Brisket & Barb-B-Q and followed up with a game of Mexican Train.  I lost!  With all this eating I am going to roll along the camino for the first few days.

I have received Buen Camino emails and telephone calls from friends, thank you.  I also read the messages on Ultreya! from fellow pilgrims.  I am ready to leave knowing that I have the support of many.  When possible, I will pick up emails from but please be aware that the Internet is not always available.

Buen Camino to those folks I know through Ultreya! who will be walking the various camino paths over the next few months.

Thank you all for your support.



  1. As I have said so very many times... "Vaya con DIOS AmigA"....I will miss you, but will enjoy walking or rolling or whatever along the camino with you....and remember I WAS the winner in the MT game...beating Garry but just a hair in the final round....a good game was played by all and we shall leave your seat emply til your return on June 20th.... love you my friend......remember when scared or troubled feel mr tad the tadpole and know we are with you spiritually....

  2. ...and Chris says hello...happy and significant travels.....

  3. Thank you Katie and Chris and thanks for Mr. Tadpole.

  4. Actually I think she's Ms Tadpole and her name is TADMINA..... lady energy to go along with you lady pilgrimage energy.... you know how much more flexible we ladies are and we can bend and stretch and just talk about things not needed to FIX everything....yep check again she's Ms. Tadpole...TADMINA

  5. I mean just look at here picture above doesn't she just look like a Tadmina to you????

  6. Yes Katie, Tadmina, all frilly and girly.