Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time for yourself

A Spiritual Walk

It is quiet in the fog/mist with only the sound of your footsteps and stick, one can get lost in thought.  Often you have the camino to yourself and that is a magical time.  Later, when the fog lifts, your spirit is lifted, your pace quickens, and the day may be bright and sunny putting a spring in your step (that is if you are blister free).  All is right with your world. I have precious memories of walking on misty days along the camino and not so precious about the rainy days. I always look forward to walking those last few days in Galicia where many days can be misty. Andrée think of those photographic opportunities coming up. Dawn, you know from our conversations that this photo is up here for you.


  1. Have a great time, Brenda

  2. Cafe con leche, vino tinto y tortillas patatas, mmm, I could be envious, Buen Camino,

  3. Ola Luiza,

    I will certainly miss you for the 3 months of your camino (which is a lot longer than my fieldtrips . . . just for the record). But wow, what an opportunity to walk the Via de la Plata. Enjoy your time with your fellow pilgrims and I hope this camino is everything you want it to be. I will be waiting for your return at home.

    Bon Camino Luiza,

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM CDT

    Hey Luiza: I haven't a clue as to why my photo as a "follower" is separated from the others????? Probably because I am computer illiterate, and I did something wrong! I have tried to "fix" it but cannot. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I already had a AIM account, and signed up that way???? Oh well, I shall just "stand out".

    Nevertheless, I wish you peaceful and joyous walking, happy adventures with your fellow pilgrims, and good eating (of course).

    I am looking forward to your visit next week because it will be some time before you come again, and I will truly miss you very, very much. I am so spoiled having you so close in Houston now.

    May this upcoming trip be totally magical, and may God bless, always.

    Love, Dawnie

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  6. Looking forward to following your Camino as I prepare to join you in Astorga. Buen Camino and happy meetings! Love, Andrée

  7. Luiza,

    Katie sent the address to your blog today. :)

    Trust this walk to Santiago de Compostela will be all it was meant to be. Believe the universe is watching over you and will send you amazing ideas and visions. Dream Big!

    With loving support,

  8. Hi Lois(Luiza). Sorry I have not written before but I've been occupied with my right shoulder problem.
    I hope your Camino is going well with good weather and little pain. I hope you have avoided the blasted blisters and are enjoying the walk and the scenery.
    I am leaving for Israel two weeks from today on June 15. I'll be returning to Phoenix on July 19.
    I'll be there for Ayla's graduation from HS.
    Good luck on your journey and have a safe return.