Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pilgrimages in Spain and Portugal

A light backpack

Soon I will be along the way again. Each time I have left home with a very heavy backpack. I am trying to be careful this year by keeping my backpack light because I believe the 1,000 kms Via de la Plata is a tough camino. The long walking distances between albergues (up to 38 kms) coupled with the heat of the Extremadura make for a long day. I did not want to walk this way alone and when my friends asked me to join them it was a golden opportunity to walk the Silver Route. Hopefully by starting in early April we could avoid some of the heat problems. If not, it will be pre-dawn starts to walk in the cool of the morning. I am challenging myself by walking a new path.


  1. I begin my first camino in mid-April. I elected to follow the northern route. I am heading off to Albuquerque tomorrow to attend the gathering of US pilgrims - workshops and a retreat. What better way to kick off my adventure.

    I look forward to reading you story...

    In Sunny Santa Fe, NM

  2. One of these days, I will join you - hopefully. Cathy Cooley and I really want to be there. Love, Dawnie