Friday, April 29, 2011

Benson, Arizona

Today was our second day of marathon driving.  Three tanks of gas at the USA's latest high prices.  The highest price was $4.16/gallon - $70.00/full tank.  Dawn warned us and twice we almost ran out of gas, with the car showing LOW FUEL and us looking for a gas station.

We traveled 651 miles (1,048 kms) leaving Texas, crossing New Mexico, and entering Arizona by days end.  The topography is often harsh, mainly rocky, sometimes sandy, usually with scrub or mesquite bushes, and it is very dry in need of rain.  We did pass Pecan and Walnut groves making for some cool green and no dust while in that area.

Two things created haze today.  Texas has been ablaze for a couple of months and we came through a few brush fire areas with one fire being at the side of I-10 (the highway we are traveling on).  The other reason for haze is Blowing Dust.  We saw many whirly whirly's (as Australians call them for the whirling action) both forming and full blown.  Bev had asked me where to expect tumbleweeds and today we saw them.  In the photograph above, the haze was from fire (we could smell it) but in the distant center a dust whirly is blowing.  In Las Cruces when I put my debit card in the slot for gas I could feel the sand and grit .... sure enough my card could not be read at that pump.  The sandy dust was horrible, I would hate to have to clean house after these storms.

Smells ... dead skunk!  We have not seen many road kill, a deer, an armadillo, a snake and a few unidentified critters but our noses have been offended by those pesty dead skunks.  Phew!!

We also had a reminder that rattlesnakes could be near .... I hope we do not meet one.


  1. I once had LOW FUEL when crossing those bridges connecting the Florida Keys. Not recommended! Happy travelling, and avoid the tornadoes (and the rattlesnakes).

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM CDT

    Just catching up with you guys. Sounds as if the scenery could be better (and it is when there is no haze)....

  3. Well it is West Texas ..... I know .... you love it there. OK I concede, it does have its own beauty :)