Thursday, April 14, 2011


We traveled all day by train to arrive in Genoa at 15:40.  After a short taxi ride to the hotel and check-in we were out walking around this beautiful old city.  My camera battery was exhausted so I used my BlackBerry for photos of Genoa today.

Our hotel, Best Western Porto Antico, was about a block from here, down by the port with a major elevated highway between us and the sea.  On our first day we did not go toward the sea.   It was a drizzling, soft, gentle European rain that did not spoil the walk.  Genoa is of course on the Mediterranean Sea but I have not caught a glimpse of the sea yet.  The city is hilly and old reminding me of Lisbon or Porto in Portugal.  Today my view of the sea/port was from the piazza above.

The sea photos below are from the next day placed here because they fit with the sea theme .....
The port at Genova with an old sailing ship and its iconic ancient old lighthouse.

Still on our rainy walk .....
 Piazza de Ferrari - separates the old town from the new town.
The rain was truly light and we had rain jackets so we continued walking around town.
Some of the beautiful old palaces had huge garden terraces that I would have loved to visit.
Genoa is in the coastal mountain region of Liguria and it is the original home of Focaccia which is so popular now.  There are many Focacceria's (focaccia shop and/or bakery) in Genoa.  Unfortunately I forgot to try some while there, time was limited (22 hours).  Oh well, I will just have to return to Genoa.

We enjoyed a wonderful final meal together at a small restaurant near the hotel suggestion by receptionist.  Tomorrow I leave for Rome and Andree starts another journey, the one that brought her here to Italy but I will let her tell you about it.  I will possibly Blog from Rome tomorrow.

Andrée:  She's a bit tired, I think -- the sea is just across the road, where the boats are.  True, we didn't actually cross the road in the rain, preferring to find find a cafe for a restorative and then explore the old streets near our hotel.  Tomorrow we will have a look at the old port before Luiza leaves.  Dinner was a special pleasure, at a simple restaurant that has obviously been there forever.  It seems very popular for its tasty, unpretentious food.  Our meal was enlivened by an exchange of funny text messages with our friend Kees in Madrid, and a pleasant chat with a Swiss woman who captains a sailing yacht in the harbour.

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