Friday, April 08, 2011


We arrived in Firenze to find the Information Booth under reconstruction and no obvious signs to where it is now.  I asked a policeman for the general direction of the Duomo and hotels and they were close to the station so we walked.  Along the route that the policeman suggested we found a nice clean two star hotel (Hotel Nuovo Italia) that we are both quite comfortable with.  We are close to the points of interest in Firenze and have been out each day enjoying the city.
Our first view of the Duomo, Bapistry and Campanile (bell tower) as we go on a walk around Centro Storico (old town center).
The Bapistry of the Cathedral in Firenze is spectacular with its glittering gold dome.  This should not be missed by anybody visiting Florence.  The Cathedral is very plain inside but then it is quite something on the outside with its green and white marble stripes.
View of the golden Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi Gallery.  Lining either side of the bridge are jewelry shops specializing in gold and silver.
Galileo Galilei's statue in the colanade of the Uffizi Gallery.  Photography is permitted within the Uffizi.  One should not visit Firenze without visiting the Uffizi to see the collection of statues, bronzes, portraits and medieval paintings.  I was happy to see the Botticelli's again, The Birth of Venus (it is beautiful) and Primavera (needs to be cleaned).  The original Botticelli Autumn is at the British Museum.  The Carravagio's were not all on display as the gallery is preparing for a summer exhibition.

With my interest in Kathleen McGowan's books I was pleased when I noted a painting of Mary Magdalene holding an Alabaster Jar and Joseph of Arimathea holding the Libro Rosso.  There were a few paintings that mentioned Saint James but he was not in his pilgrim gear like he is in Spain.

We are staying in Firenze until Monday and tomorrow we will visit Pisa and I need not mention what we will see there as I am sure anybody reading this Blog knows about the tower .....

The following day will go by bus to Lucca where we will visit San Martino the church that Matilda of Canossa built to house the Volto Santo.  Matilda had a finger labyrinth carved into the outside wall of San Martino but the six petal rose has been damaged, deliberately(?).
For those with eyes to see .....

We are having a nice mellow time enjoying Italy.  I did however twist my left knee when I got up from the lunch table today and am now resting it.  Andree is out with her camera so she is a happy camper.

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