Sunday, April 17, 2011

A morning in Genova

This morning Andrée and I walked up, and up, and up the hills of Genoa until we reached the old Castello D'Albertis, Museo delle Culture del Mondo where we stopped touring for the day.  I had a plane to catch, we hailed a taxi back down to sea level and had lunch before I departed for the airport.  Here are a few shots I took as we walked around Genoa.
Porta dei Vacca, Genova, dates from 1155 .... there is not much of the old walls left in Genova.
At the top of the hill is Castello D'Albertis, Museo delle Culture del Mondo which was our turnaround point.

There is much old scaffolding (rusty looking) on the buildings which reminded me of New York in the 1990's.  In NY the property owners put up scaffolding but did not do any work.  Why?  The scaffolding protected those walking below but more importantly it helped in preventing being sued.  New Mayor, new times, and the scaffolding had to come down if renovations were not being done.   When walking around NY in the 1990's it was a nusiance dodging scaffolding, it was horrible.

My journey with Andrée through Italy was like being on the camino.  We moved on regularly, we carried our luggage ourselves, we walked as often as we could around towns, we experienced new foods and we saw new places and people every day.  There is so much to digest of what we saw and learned along the way.

Home again ....
I am tired after over twenty-four hours traveling home.  There was a major storm in New York and the East Coast area, my flight was delayed for over two hours.  I had a long connection time as it was.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
I was inconvenienced by the storm with the flight delay but I now know those storms were major, killing 45 people throughout the East Coast.  So my flight delay problem was not a problem at all, it is all relative!  The storms still continue and today the Southern Plains and North Carolina are going to have tornadoes.  North of us in Texas there are bush fires.  Texas is in a state of drought having not had significant rain in months.  

Bev's visit
I have been in contact with my cousin, Bev, who will be arriving here on Sunday, April 24, for her month visit.  Bev and I will be touring Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah visiting the National and Native American Parks, Monument Valley and Navajoland.  

On our return from out west we will be visiting Louisiana to attend a Southern wedding on May 14.  I did not think of the wedding as a Southern Wedding until Bev mentioned it, then I thought of the movie Steel Magnolias.  Steel Magnolias are Louisiana women who have the beauty of the magnolia but are made of steel inside.  Did I get it correct Dawn?  Dawn is my long time Steel Magnolia friend. Will Bev, Lisa, and I create the fun for Dawn that she will need for the wedding as those ladies did for the bride in the movie.  

I will continue to Blog and hope you enjoy.  

Please Andrée add what you think will enhance the Blog story in Italy.


  1. Anonymous9:12 AM CDT

    You did get it right. Magnolias are delicate, gentle, soft, and smell wonderful - much like Southern women...but Southern women are strong souls....hence, the term "Steel Magnolias". I will treasure my friends by my side.

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