Monday, April 11, 2011


We arrived at Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia at 11:30am and then Andrée worked out how to get to Piazza San Marco (San Marco Square) on the vaporetto (ferry) while I stayed with the luggage. Andrée did a fantastic job in selecting this area to stay, it was ideal for visiting the other areas of Venice either by foot or ferry.
Above, we are just about to arrive at the Piazza San Marco ferry stop.  We will grow to recognize this station quickly to know that we need to get off the boat.  Upon arrival at San Marco we decided to have lunch at a great cafe - with super friendly service and over priced food - it was such a great spot we went there a few times.  We watched the world walk by since we had two more hours until check-in time - this was a great way to get comfortable here. 
There was surprisingly not many pigeons at Saint Mark's while we were there.  I thought there would be more pigeons from all the vacation or travel photographs, movies, or television that I have seen over the years.
This is all we could see of the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) due to renovations.  It was disappointing for us but then it will hopefully look better when, or if, we return to Venice.
I wanted to buy some oil paintings for Dawnie to frame for me and surprisingly I ran out of time.  Then I ask myself "where do you have wall space to put them?".
The streets are delightfully narrow, it is wonderful being in Venice.

Pinch us we are in Venice.  We were planning our second week in Italy and suddenly the plan was Venice which both of us were thrilled to include.  Ah .... Venice, it is so beautiful walking around the narrow streets full of interesting things to photograph and shops to peruse.  I am on the hunt for another pair of Ray Ban's and a passenger on one of the ferries had just the pair I would like. I should have asked which country they were from but one never knows what language is spoken by the folks around you.  I did find new Ray Ban's not like those I had seen and different to what I normally go for but I like them.
We have had our worst meal and food service right here at the hotel we are staying in.  A group of folks were looking at the menu posted outside and possibly wondering about the place, Andrée and I were naughty and gave them the thumbs down sign.  The folks waved and nodded thanks to us and then moved on.  We did not want anybody else to suffer as we had done with the smug Maître D, the surly waitress and bad food service.  Andrée and I would hesitate to recommend the hotel (Best Western San Marco) except that it is in a great area - just do not eat at their restuarant.  The Rialto Bridge is just minutes away from the hotel along narrow streets with interesting shops.
Our first closeup view of the Rialto Bridge.  It is wide with a narrow street down the middle of it.  Beautiful day as you can see by the sky.

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