Sunday, February 27, 2011


Ann and her beloved dog, Julie.  They had many wonderful years together in Phoenix.

I was Country when Country wasn't cool .......
One of Ann's favorite female singers .....

This week my good friend, Ann, died.  We shared a friendship and a common love that Ann did not share with others.  Ann was well known in the International folk dance circles in New York City and she was a superb dancer.  However, Ann had a passion for country music and lets face it, country music is frowned on by many people.  It is de rigueur to belittle country music and lovers of country music, it happens all the time.  As soon as a country artist has a song that is enjoyed outside of country, then of course, these folks call the artist ..... CROSSOVER!  By calling a country artist a crossover artist people can justify the fact that they like the song. Are you guilty?

There was no question which artist was Ann's favorite and she would travel miles to one of his concerts and never missed an opportunity to speak with him at his booth.  It was the Rajun Cajun himself, Doug Kershaw.

Doug Kershaw - Louisiana Man
Doug Kershaw - Diggy Liggy Lo

In  1987 Ann and I joined forces and attended country concerts when they came to the city.  We went to Nashville for Fan Fair which is a week of country concerts and a chance to meet the artists in their booths for photograph or autograph.  I enjoyed the concerts, not the booths.  Ann loved to meet the artists and get their signatures, nothing made her happier than speaking with a beloved artist.  Being a High School teacher Ann could not always get the vacation time to travel to Nashville.  Meanwhile I continued going to Fan Fair for ten wonderful years and formed fantastic friendships with folks there.

As we were approaching Winchester, VA (while driving to Nashville for our second Fan Fair) Ann asked if we could please stop by Patsy's grave.  Ann loved Patsy's music and she did not want to pass by without stopping at the Shenandoah Memorial Park to give her respects.  Ann was a Country Music encyclopedia, she knew all the old artists, their songs, their career and family history her knowledge on all things country was phenominal.

Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams

Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash ...... Crazy

Thank you Ann for all those years of friendship, I will miss you.


  1. Have always loved the best of American country music - whether raw country, crossover or country-rock. Love Willie Nelson (saw him in Nottingham a few years ago) and the legendary Johnnie Cash (God rest his soul).

    I am so sorry about your friend. It's very hard at times like this. (I'm going to a funeral myself on Wednesday.)

  2. Sorry that you too have lost somebody. Sincere sympathy Robert.

    Thanks to Ann I have been fortunate and have seen all the Country Music legends in concert and of course recent artists as well.

    I stopped going to Fan Fair and then took up walking Camino's. I have not stopped going to concerts, this month I saw Vince Gill and he gives a fantastic concert.