Thursday, February 24, 2011


Reciprocity's a B#@$*
Garry felt the effects of reciprocity from when we first knew we were headed to Tunis.  No matter how hard he tried, even making a special trip to the Tunisian Embassy in Washington, D.C., there was NO WAY the Tunisians were giving an Australian a visa to enter the country except at the Port of Entry.  So all other nationalities me included (USA) were released for entry.  When and, ONLY when, the tour buses left the area did they start to process Garry's visa for entry into Tunisia.  I waited for him on the street outside the Immigration Office and when he finally emerged we took a taxi to the Bardo Museum to rejoin the group.

The BARDO MUSEUM in the suburbs of Tunis holds a magnificent collection of mosaics from the Roman ruins of the country and it is also a beautiful tiled building.
The beautiful golden mosaic tile dome is breathtaking, it is stunning.
After the BARDO we went for a walk through the medina/souk where once again there was a colorful variety of goods for sale.
We finished the day on a roof looking at Tunis as the sun set over the city.
What next but a delicious meal at the Restaurant Dar Hamouda Pacha on the street for the best restaurants, Rue Dar El Djeld.

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  1. That roof is gorgeous! How does one find it?