Thursday, February 10, 2011

South Africa

We go on a driving vacation to the northwest, southeast, and points in between.  In a wine growing district we stop for lunch and wine tasting at Kelkiewyn, Wynsentrum.   We found that everywhere we ate while in South Africa the food was well presented and delicious.
Next stop was Jason's Winery for a wine tasting.  Jason's is set in a picturesque area surrounded by mountains.  It was truly beautiful here.
I just loved Rietdakkie's colonial thatched cottage which I believe is a Farm Stall (or another wine tasting stop) but it was not open when we passed by.
We went off the beaten track to this gorge to check out the geology.  It was remote and we did not see anybody else in this region.
These beautiful colonial guest houses are on Church Street, at Montagu, SA.  Look at those flowering shrubs and plants.  Montagu is a very pretty little town.
This guy was with about fifty others but he alone came to the fence to say hello, then proceeded to do a mating dance.  We are headed to our next B&B.
It was a well appointed B&B way out in the country.  What a shame it was too cloudy to see the stars at night.  As an Aussie I know how bright the stars can be when in the country with no cities around, oh well, maybe another time we will see the stars.
The next day was bright and sunny.  The garden is superb planted with native plants, cactus, and lavender which was very fragrant.
On the way to our next overnight we spot weaver birds nests in this tree.  Fascinating.
And here is a weaver bird .....

I am going to take liberty tomorrow and continue with South Africa.  I feel the need to do justice to this wonderful country and the flora and fauna need to be showcased.

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  1. Lovely pics, lovely parts of the country.
    You need to do the little island, we do it each year - here, have a look -
    bless ya!