Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Moving into Nicaragua after a lengthy process through Immigration.
For the Volcan Masaya area it was recommended that we wear hard hats and a bandanna.   This volcano can erupt without warning as it is constantly rumbling.  The hard hat is to protect against small ballistics and bandanna is to protect from the fumes, well supposedly!

The year before our visit many people were injured during an eruption.  Why?  They were busloads of tourists and the women sprained ankles and even broke legs running in their high heels, when visiting an area like this it is best to wear sturdy boots.
A beautiful crater lake
Geologists love road cuts
Rocks tell a story
Quarries are a great place for geologists
Distinctive volcano cone
... and another volcano
A memorial site as a village was buried after an eruption here
Everywhere you look there are volcanoes, active and extinct. 

According to Wikipedia there are fifty volcanoes in Nicaragua, seven of them are active.

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