Friday, February 25, 2011

Bulla Regia, Tunisia

Tunisia is where it all started.  When twenty-eight year old Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Sidi Bouzid after authorities took away his vegetable cart saying he did not have a licence for it.  This lead to the protests that caused a countrywide uprising and the downfall of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was Tunisian President for twenty-three years.  Since then the people of Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, and Libya have all protested for freedom and democracy with differing results.  Today there are reports that Tunisia is taking in Libyans as they cross the border to escape the bullets fired by the foreign mercenaries and goons of Muammar Gadhafi.  Gadhafi is holding on to a small section of Tripoli with the use of force and is firing on his own people showing he will not leave office without a bloody battle.

Malta is playing a big part in helping the Libyans.  Planes ordered to fire on the people by Gadhafi have flown to Malta to avoid orders.  Today a ferry with foreign passengers from Tripoli is on its way to Malta.  Tomorrow I will revisit Malta on this Blog.

One way to get the horses where they need to be however, it does not look too safe for the horses.

Bulla Regia ...... hiding from the sun.
Bulla Regia has fine underground dwellings that the Romans used to escape the summer heat.  There is a theater and baths at the site and some superb mosaic tiling in the underground rooms.
Portrait mosaic in the House of Fishing.
The mosaics in the House of Amphritrite is of Amphtirite the sea goddess, featuring Venus flanked by two strong centaurs.  Cupids ride dolphins one while looking at himself in a mirror.  There is not a problem with the tiling, our guide put water on the tiles so they would photograph better.
Venus with two stern faced centaurs.
No water on this underfed bear.
The theater is small but does have mosaics on the flooring in the galleries.

Dougga, Tunisia looks out over the valleys below and it has spectacular views.  I have a love for the olive growing areas .....

Below is the Capitol with its six columns. 
The view across the valley shows the Libyo-punic Mausoleum set amongst the olive trees.

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  1. A great summary of today's events. Amazing mosaics!