Sunday, February 06, 2011


                     Tangier, Morocco
Today I will feature Morocco which was not one of my favorite countries.  Being a woman I felt a second class citizen, it did not help that we had a male tour guide who dismissed all questions by women and would only answer the questions from the men in the group.  I came away disliking Morocco.  I would not like to return there but have friends who think it a wonderful country.  Everybody comes away with a different view, mine was not positive.

The interior decorations can be quite beautiful but this is a museum.  Our hotel in Marrakech was this luxurious but we did not see this luxury elsewhere.
At Volubilis Roman Ruins there are the magnificent floor mosaics of the rooms.  Unprotected from weather they have survived since Roman times.
Next stop, Fès seen from a lookout outside the city.  The ancient médina is a rabbit warren of alleyways where one could get lost easily.
Before entering the tannery we were given a sprig of mint to hold under our nose.  Let me tell you that did nothing to prevent the smell from over powering me.  Before this day I used to love going into a leather shop, now I cannot stand the smell of leather.
We are taken to a ceramic factory where we are shown how those little mosaic tile pieces are made.  Little boys and young men sit on the ground with a small hammer and chip at the tiles.  I am grateful for all I have and that I am a woman living in a western country.  The little children are on the other side of the room.
The beautiful gardens at the Hotel La Mamounia, Marrakech.  We had stopped for lunch at a restaurant along the road to Marrakech.  Then six of our group came down with food poisoning and we were not able to enjoy our stay at this magnificent hotel.  I slept for twenty-fours hours and could not lift my head off the pillow because of a thumping headache.
Morocco is a colorful country and I do know folks who absolutely love it.  If you go to Morocco I wish you a wonderful visit.

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