Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tripoli, Libya

Photo: Kay Yanev

Libya is in the news today with protests and uprisings by the people in Tripoli and Benghazi.  The news reports are that there has been a lot of bloodshed in Tripoli and Gadhafi's foreign mercenaries are fighting against the people.  A bloodbath!  My heart goes out to the people of Libya. 

At the time of our visit Libya had just opened up to American tourists.  The people were friendly and it was refreshing that they had not yet learned to bother the tourists and would leave us alone.  While waiting outside the museum for the rest of our group two young men spoke with me, they were interested in the USA and had many questions.
The Roman arch of Roman co-Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Antoninus Augustus) dates from A.D. 163.  Marcus Aurelius lived for 59 years, between 121-180 A.D.  This arch was brought to Tripoli from Leptis Magna.
We visit a mosque which is beautifully decorated inside. After the mosque we went with Kay and Peter for lunch in the souk, we had a recommendation and directions.  The restaurant was near a carpet shop .... well there were many carpet shops but we found the place and the food was good.
Walking through the souk I photographed the various items for sale along with a Muammar Gaddafi plate.  His photos were everywhere but I am not going to feature them.
We leave the souk and go to a museum.  It is not as wonderful as the Bardo in Tunis but had interesting mosaic tiling displays, some Roman statues and for some reason a VW bug.  Was it Gaddafi's?  I do not remember.

The young girl photographed below asked me to take her photograph.  Over the years I have had photo requests and often wonder why.  She did not ask for money but will not see the photo.  I tell myself that I should carry a Polaroid camera for just such moments.  I hope this little girl and her family remain safe during these terrible times in Libya.


  1. The bottom portrait is absolutely superb, Luiza. I hope she is safe too.

  2. Thank you Robert. This is one of those times when I wish I could send the photos to the subject. It was a beautiful moment with her. It is sad times in Libya.