Thursday, February 03, 2011


I am Australian and today Australia is in the news again.  Two weeks ago they had bad flooding along the east coast of Queensland and parts of Victoria.  Last night Cyclone Yasi hit the coast of Queensland causing damage to properties but fortunately so far there has been no reported loss of life.  The local people evacuated and it seems to have worked for them.

We left Australia for New York in 1978 and except for a six month period have not lived there since then.  I have not visited Australia since 2002 and it is time I returned but I HATE that long flight.  I will post some photos from my visits to Australia since digital camera days .....

The kangaroo and koala are unique to Australia, most Aussies love them.  The farmers are not too happy with the kangaroo but the koala (which is hard to find in the wild) is loved by all.  Many Americans believe they will find kangaroos hopping down the streets of Sydney, nope, usually does not happen.  Koala's are usually high in the gum trees curled up as you can see in my photo below.

Sorrell Causeway, Tasmania.  My ancestors (William Paterson and family) were on the first ships to Tasmania, Calcutta and Ocean, in 1802.  No, they were not prisoners.  William was Superintendent of Prisoners which I think would have been a horrible job.  I went to Tasmania to see where they lived in Hobart and surrounding areas.
My hometown, Melbourne, is a modern city and like San Francisco has an easy to use tram system.  I have not lived in Melbourne since 1969 and it is a much changed city since I lived there.
The rugged Victorian coastline is famous for the Twelve Apostles, unfortunately one apostle has fallen down and also the formation known as London Bridge.  However, it is still a wonderful day trip from Melbourne.


  1. Time to come and visit! We could do a road trip (or fly/drive) somewhere scenic... Yes, the long flight is hard, but sometimes it has to be done. You just need to stay a bit longer to compensate for the jet lag :) (Just remember, don't put your camera down!)

  2. PS We're still shocked and amazed at the floods in Queensland and Victoria. The sight of so much land under water was horrifying. Then a cyclone in Queensland, to cap it all. Watching the news coverage, I've been getting flashbacks to Hurricane Ike... That was scary, but I was deeply grateful to be in such good company, and enjoying such kind hospitality in Houston and Sulphur.

  3. Yes, it is time to visit and you will be one of the folks I will visit. A few trips ago I did not take photos when in Australia, my feelings were that I was home. Then I returned to work in NJ after one trip and the folks asked to see my photos, I said, "what I was in Australia". They made me feel so BAD. I do have some photos to share and will feature other areas on other days.

    Seems like Yasi was stronger than Ike when it hit land. But of course Yasi was not in a Gulf but over the open ocean.