Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bernalillo, NM (Hubbell, Chaco)

Hubbell Trading Post
The highway to Chaco Canyon goes past the Hubbell Trading Post.  We stopped in to see this historic site and browse the well supplied old Trading Post.  From the NP guides we asked information on the roads to Chaco. It was determined that because we are driving an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) we could take the south road.
 The farm sheds and corrals
The Trading Post
Dirt road to Chaco Canyon
Bev drove for six hours today and the last 22 miles (35 kms) was on extremely rough dirt road. At the top of each rolling hill the road becomes a rock obstacle path, it was tough driving.

Be aware that once you enter the park from the south the signage is BAD. Below is the NP Entrance building, looking at it from where the road T's (there is a confusing sign that announces Staff Parking).
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
 Hungo Pavi - constructing with local rocks the pueblo ruins blend with the canyon
The walls are thick
Pueblo Bonito - kiva
Pueblo Bonito is thought to have had five levels
There are many kiva ruins at Chaco
I drove to Bernalillo, NM leaving by the north road which we knew to be dirt surface but supposedly better than the south road.  A sedan could travel on this road but heck, it was miles and miles of corrugation. We bounced and jiggled all the way till we hit the blacktop (tar, or bitumen for the Aussies). Bernalillo was the first place with accommodation that we would stay in, about 150 miles (240 kms) from Chaco. We are tired but happy that we made the effort to visit Chaco which is the best preserved Pueblo ruins in the USA.  The Navajo know the Pueblo people as the Anasazi, the ancient people.
Tumbleweed is tough, prickly and thumps when it hits a car
We got lost twice but more on that when next I return to the Blog.

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