Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mount Carmel Junction, Utah (Bryce Canyon)

Andrée, the Kayenta Inn took Lemon Meringue pie off their menu a couple of years ago.  However, Bev saw the size of the dessert portions and knew she could not have dessert.  Folks we are staying in Navajoland at the front door of Monument Valley where we are headed tomorrow morning.

Our day trips get better and I am running out of words to describe what Bev and I are seeing.  The views are spectacular, wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, awesome ... my words do not do justice to the scenery.  So I shall let the photos show you Red Rock and Bryce Canyon, Utah.  Both are not geologically canyons, instead the erosion from rain and snow melt have created hoodoos (you will see them) making an unusual landscape. First there is the block of rock, then a window forms, and the next step is the hoodoo ..... this takes a little bit of time geologically speaking. 


We were so happy when we arrived at Bryce Canyon when told the Shuttle Buses do not start running until this coming Friday and it was to be a self-drive tour. Yay!!  We drove along the Rim Trail stopping at all viewpoints, here is Bryce Canyon below in all its glory, I hope you like it.  I have not altered these photos, they are original colors as taken by my Nikon D80.

We came across a chipmunk and a Steller's Jay (below).
Bryce Point - Elevation 8300
Paria View - Elevation 8175
Inspiration Point - Elevation 8100
Natural Bridge - Elevation 8627
Agua Canyon - Elevation 8800
Ponderosa Point - Elevation 8904
Rainbow Point - Elevation 9115

After seeing all these mind blowing sights we went to the Bryce Canyon Lodge for lunch before driving to Arizona.  Bryce Canyon suffered forest fires in 2009 and the Park Rangers are allowing the natural habitat to return, Ponderosa Pines being the main tree in the area that they want to regenerate.  The wildlife have returned to the park in abundance, it is funny how this happens.

The drive to Kayenta was about five hours.  We started off in Utah Time, then went into Arizona Time, and are now on Navajoland Time (which is the same as Utah).  It is so confusing we are working by our body clocks.

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