Tuesday, May 10, 2011

San Angelo, Texas (Roswell, NM)

Roswell, New Mexico

So what do you believe?

From Native Americans to Aliens.  We started with a visit to the Roswell UFO Museum which was way too much reading but interesting none-the-less.  Then Bev drove until six tonight - a great day.  

Back in Texas, on Texas time, and lower elevation.  Going from 67 feet (20 meters) to ~9000 feet (2743 meters) in Bryce Canyon we have experienced the altitude change, sinus problems, headaches and sluggishness that we felt in Bolivia (not quite as bad). Now at 1828 feet (557 meters) we are closer to our sea level norm. It is back to 67 feet (20 meters) tomorrow and the weather will be hot and humid.  It is already hotter tonight here in West Texas. I feel sure that Bev will chill-out by the pool for the next two days!
Our view for miles and miles and miles ....
Oil donkeys were plentiful in New Mexico but in the hundreds once we arrived in Texas. At one point there were oil donkeys each way we looked. They grow cotton out this way and the fields are freshly sown so the dust was blowing around.  We saw a dust-devil (whirly whirly) forming and watched to see where it was headed then poof it was gone.

Fire at the New Mexico/Texas border
There were fire trucks at the scene but as we drove down the highway two police cars, ten minutes apart, came screaming past us with lights flashing, an accident or the fire, we do not know.
We went to a Texas RoadHouse for dinner tonight. Bev had the Margarita above and she has developed a taste for tequila, that is a regular glass of wine beside the Margarita.  Bev was shocked by the size, it is the size of a fishbowl she said, but it was so nice she finished it with a smile.  Well she was smiling when she finished it!

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