Thursday, May 05, 2011

Kayenta, Navajoland (Monument Valley)

You have quite possibly seen Monument Valley or similiar (Badlands) in a Hollywood movie.  With its breathtaking views Monument Valley leaves one speechless and in awe. We have many photographs and will let them do their job.

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Navajoland
MV Welcome sign photographs: Bev
Mitchell Butte
West Mitten
East Mitten
Three Sisters
Not a third of the way around the park and the car is looking different, not a city car now.  Good ol' dirt road driving, for me it felt like being back in Australia. 
The standing stone on the left is my stone that I added to the cairn.  Bev also added a stone and I now have my stone for the next camino.
The Cairn
The Cube
Artist's Point
The Window
We had a nice meal at the MV restaurant and had beautiful views of the buttes and mesas from our table.  A little bit of Native jewelry shopping was in order before driving to Cortez, Colorado, to visit Mesa Verde National Park tomorrow.  

We  stopped at 4 Corners along the way.  This is where four states meet - Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
The four states
The traditional pose at 4 Corners is down on all fours - a hand and a foot in each state, everybody in this position looks dorky!  Here we are standing on the marker and pointing to the states, if you think we look dorky then that is okay. :)

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