Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Southern Wedding

Sulphur, Louisiana
After a morning spent poolside and lunch at Central Market we drove to Louisiana for Melissa and Andrew's wedding at 6:30PM.  We stopped by Dawn and Danny's to say "hi, we are in town" and drop off some Central Market bread we had for them.

The GPS did not direct us to the home where the wedding was being held.  We drove up and down LA27 passing zero on the GPS which was announcing - you have arrived - when clearly we had not.  We called Dawn who was able to direct us and we were only one street and under a half mile from the place. We arrived with plenty of time to spare as the bride was over a half hour late in arriving for her wedding.

 A garden wedding
 Dawn being escorted to her seat
The pool house for reception and dancing
 The Wedding Cake
The Groom's Cake
(a southern tradition)
The Bride (Melissa) and Father (Danny) dance together
The Bride and Groom's sparkling farewell

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