Monday, May 09, 2011

Roswell, New Mexico (Santa Fe, NM)

Funny little green men from Mars .... 

Santa Fe, New Mexico
The oldest continuously occupied (1610) public building in the USA is what is now known as The Palace of the Governors.  The lovely adobe building has been occupied under three flags, Spanish, Mexican and American.  Today the adobe walls were being painted so, as you can see, some of it was taped off.  Native American Artists sell their own handicrafts here, jewelry, rugs, musical instruments, dream-catchers and more.
The Royal Palace: Fortress and Castle
This old car passed as I was taking the shot .... it was perfect timing.
We had the best meal of the trip at La Fonda, a beautiful old hotel in downtown Santa Fe.  
We walked around the Plaza and to the Library where Barbara volunteers but she was at lunch so we missed her.  I did speak with Ken.  Santa Fe was the perfect end to Bev's journey on the Native portion of the Southwest.  We are on our way to Texas and hope to be home in two and a half days (Wednesday evening). Tonight we are staying in Roswell where the UFO mystery deepens ....

It isn't over yet, we go to Louisiana on Saturday for a taste of Cajun Country and a Southern Wedding.


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM CDT

    Nice knowing you both!! Off for scientific experiments are we!! Be careful . . . .


  2. We made it back to the hotel safely but were watched by a little green man at Applebee's. We would not be the first in the queue at Alien Hqtrs- the couple behind us at dinner spent their time making farm animal noises. It was very strange and we were doubled up with laughter. At first Bev thought the were cattle in the parking lot ......

    Love, Luiza