Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Houston, Texas (LBJ Ranch)

We are home and tired after a full day driving from San Angelo, Texas. Today we drove 380 miles (611 kms) some of it through the Texas Hill Country which was settled by the Germans in the 1840's. Bev drove most of the way leaving only the last 80 miles coming into Houston for me.   Two days running the girl has been a marathon driver, thanks Bev. Our round trip journey was ~3830 miles (~6163 kms).  

 Shops on Main Street, Fredericksburg, Texas
German sausage anyone?

From Frederciksburg we drove to Stonewall and stopped at the LBJ Ranch.

Monarch butterfly in the specially planted wildflower garden
Photo: Bev. 

According to a sign at the LBJ Ranch the Monarch butterflies stop here on their annual north/south migration.  There were a few butterflies, not thousands, so I guess these guys stayed over.

We stopped along the way for lunch and then drove until we arrived home a little after 8:00PM.  

It was a fantastic vacation .....

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